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Jeff Bezos - Youth

Kid Jeff

Jeff Bezos was born on Jan 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He showed signs of being smart from a very young age. When he was only four years old he took his crib apart with a screwdriver. His grandfather Preston Gise was a huge inspiration for him.

From age 4-16 he worked on his grandparents ranch in Texas fixing windmills. Bezos was a huge fan of Star Trek! He even considered naming Amazon MakeItSo.com after it. Bezos told his teachers "the future of mankind is not on this planet", according to Business Insider.

As proof of Jeff Bezos' curiosity, he turned his parent's garage into a laboratory, and made eletrical contraptions around his house. Bezos' teachers said "he wasn't gifted in leadership". When Jeff Bezos was in sixth grade he made a analysis, so his classmates could rate their teachers and also to pratice for a math class. The other proof he was gifted was because he was enrolled in to a gifted and talented program at his school. He went to Oaks Elementry School for his Gifted and Talented program. He built an alarm system to keep his siblings away from his room according to Sara Green's Jeff Bezos' book. Jeff loved tinkering with robots, so much he tried to turn a vacuum cleaner into a hovercraft.