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Solutions For The Crisis

U.S is not the most polluter of marine plastics, however, U.S is the largest producer of plastic waste amongst all nations. U.S. needs to play an increased part in preventing plastic waste from escaping refuse collection and entering ocean streams.

  1. Influence to have the government ban single-use plastic across America: US Government will need to ban plastic grocery bags, coffe-cup lids, plastic wrap, plastic straws, cutlery, plates and stir sticks. Encourage lawmakers to stop stores from giving plastic bags for free.
  2. Create government laws to recycle all plastic: Laws should mandate the redesignig of plastic so that all plastics can be recycled will help make recycling easier, cheaper and effective within and outside U.S.
  3. Large companies shoould eliminate plastic packaging:
  4. Companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Starbucks should look into ways of reducing their plastic packaging and products.

  5. Increase taxes on manufacturing of plastic: Government should impose and increase taxes on plastic manufacturing companies. Organizations can protest to have the manufacturing company stop making plastic goods.
  6. Keep plastic pollution from entering waterways: Plastic manufacturers either have to stop making it or make sure it's collected at the end of its life. Private companies can collect plastic from large companies and sell them to other companies to make new products.

  7. Clean up plastic trash in oceans across the world: Countries should help each other and contribbute their resources to clean up the existing plastic in world oceans.
  8. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Everyone might think this is obvious, but actually not many people are doing this. Less than 14% of plastic packaging is recycled and people have yet to stop reducing how many bags they use. Individual people need to stop single-use plastic NOW!!!